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 #16771  Szerző: zvartoshu
 2009.04.22. 20:39
1'st sunspot in east limb .. protons increase .. 1.1p/cm³ and in athmosphere number is 5.68p/cm³ :gonosz:
 #16657  Szerző: zvartoshu
 2009.04.18. 19:35
EA6XQ - 1186km PE TROPO IN 2 M- EA6XQ PALMA - AMAMANTEA :gonosz:
21:25 - 18:25 UTC
 #16643  Szerző: zvartoshu
 2009.04.17. 23:22
5B4AFQ-5 FROM CYP add information to 486.77km TROPO with arabic 2m amatoeurs !
01:21 - 22:21 UTC :hehe:
 #16642  Szerző: zvartoshu
 2009.04.17. 23:15
FROM greece areas 1'st .. WINNER 642KM tropo in 2009 ... no coment .. add information from few minutes!
 #16641  Szerző: zvartoshu
 2009.04.17. 23:05
new sesion from hungary in tropo!!!!
at 1:05 in culoar NOTH WEST to SOUTH EAST apear 350KM range tropo , maximal range is 400km , austria - romania south east no nord west in hungary to north west in romania ! :hehe:
 #16639  Szerző: zvartoshu
 2009.04.17. 21:50
2 STRONG propagation in this night !!!!
'st , TURKEY areas south east to LEBANON , stable 500km+ , and propagation good from cyprus areas to syria and lebanon , and low jordan north ! :hehe:
EDIRNE - PATRAS 500+KM range :gonosz:
POLLAND full ranges 200-280km to all areas , and the 1 dxers in 2 meters add information GRYFICE to CZEHOVICE .517KM range good tropo . this is exception!
IN the hungary appear propagation in nouth west HG6PGA-1 add informatkion 135km range good tropo , in 2M ..
IN 3M band propagation is 150km to center sout west , center to west .

23:49 .. to appear information new add in forum
73's from romania :shock:
 #16342  Szerző: zvartoshu
 2009.04.12. 14:39
:gonosz: in formun am lw sw dx-er from romania , 1 user old , add 2 captures recorded in ROMANIAN cadrilater with 1 radio with modification IF circuit , and 1 directive antena 2 elements , portable , recorded in 2003 with georgian radio trans blak sea tropo and ARABIC radios .. georgian arabic ... &p=6331598 .. message
 #16304  Szerző: zvartoshu
 2009.04.11. 15:19
ooo , FULL remember ..
in 2001 in 27.07 TVR costila CH6 , 100kw PAR down in south by the TRT 1 TV .. this is a masive tropo reception in south romania .. and the old citizen create a picture to zones under tropo down locam montan television ..

from good remember , send mails send message to search remembers ,, pictures and etc to wiev only the masive receptions .. from me is important , and from other user ..!
 #16271  Szerző: zvartoshu
 2009.04.10. 14:39
intrerup this program to announce the storm from athmosfere in FM band 3M..
Intrerupem programul pentru a anunta furtuna atmosferica in FM in banda de 3 metri .

The news add from locally station voces in calarasi romania
IN the bucuresti problems TROPO :lol: next remember :
HORIZONT ruse , add a problem to PRO FM in 2001 , in the ceneter of bucuresti and zone OLTENITEI , recepion simultaneous bulgarian radio station and affect pro fm localy 250w station .
next problem radio vacanta techirghiol tower add a problem to radio 21 17 hour .. :gonosz:

remember from talye walkye? 9V ..
reception to 500M fluent , the protons in romania up to 16p/cm³ .. enorm ..
MODULATOR FM calculed in this yaear , equivalent to 2001 .. to cover maxim 200M in 5V with 3 transitor bc238A :party:

hehe remembers is from me the great pleasure
 #16269  Szerző: mg
 2009.04.10. 14:27
I remember when the announcer of the local radio station Média-6 at Szentes apologized about the problems caused by the heavy propagations... about 10 years ago... they were totally jammed by the distant stations
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