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 2011.03.28. 00:40
Dxpeditions in souh romania .
In my state near DANUBE exsist 3 zone good for dx receptions .
Plane zone at 15-20km up to danube

Plane zone
In this zone other signals 15-2000w are all detectable with good receiver for dx and 0dB antena dipole open .

In plane zone Turk stations at 427Km are detectable continous when sun is up to sun is close .
In this zone scatters to SERBIA and MOLDOVA are all detectable in center day to final afternoon.
Greek stations when open OVER MOUNTAINS NOVA ZAGORA , detectable 3-20sec in all time and season .

Oltenita zone , is a perfect zone for detect Greek radios over hills and mountains bulgarian , this zone call reflexions , and good zone for turk stations .

Zone clarasi , is a best clasified zone for detect turk stations , and hight distance , vest stations with receivers good ( not detectable in tuner mode , tested when sun is up).

For dx pedtion need , 1 RECEIVER with INPUT antena with adj (ferite) , Filters in bridge , nort recomendable filter normal but have problems when open fenomens or scatters power bou increase selectivity , 0dB antena dipole open , and coaxial cable with divisor for 96Mhz , lenght first 3.12M , second 6.24 M , telescopic stative to increase depth for antena (6M) recomandable .
Receiver need 12V.. simple search for all firends for acumulators models IBM or COMPAQ 11.2-11.7V to 3A or 5A and brige paralel for increase ampers to 8A . For record receptions need a camera with minim 8khz recording sound , and maxim 16khz .

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