• Slovak radios in Budapest in FM

 #4344  Szerző: taki7
 2008.10.10. 21:24
From today I can also receive in Banská Bystrica radio HIT FM (ERP 0.5 kW from Banská Bystrica) ( from Trenčín on 91.3 MHz. So together I can receive now 14 Slovak radios on FM. :)
 #983  Szerző: LuciFerko
 2008.09.11. 08:03
99.0 is the most strongest station, it interfers the local RiseFM on 98.9
 #982  Szerző: taki7
 2008.09.11. 07:58
That's nice. I am surprised that frequency 93.3 MHz of Lumen from Sitno (Banská Štiavnica) you have in STEREO. It is only 2 kW (maybe 1 kW). Here plays it also but quality is a bit worse. 95.2 from Zobor (Nitra) MHz was N-Radio now it is closed there will be radio Okey. 104.4 is Devín from Kamzík (Bratislava) probably before there was Regina. ;)
 #959  Szerző: LuciFerko
 2008.09.10. 23:28
Here in Enying (10km far from Siofok) i can receive theese stations with an 5 elements yagi in H polarization beamed to Slovakia:
87,7 Jemné Melodie - mono
88,4 Expres - only with tropo
88,8 Rádio Hey! - mono
90,1 SRO1 - stereo
93,3 Radio Lumen - stereo
94,3 FUN radio - stereo
95,2 N Radio - mono
96,6 SRO1 - stereo
97,6 Rádio Hey - stereo
99,0 SRO1 - stereo (this is the strongest one)
99,4 unid slovak, so noisy
101,2 Radio_FM - mono
101,5 Regina - stereo
101,8 Radio Viva - interfering with Radio1
102,6 Devín - stereo
104,0 FUN - mono
104,3 Radio_FM mono
104,4 Regina - only with tropo
106,0 Rádio Okey - mono
106,2 Devín - mono
107,6 Expres - stereo

thats all :)
 #913  Szerző: centerweb
 2008.09.10. 17:49
Ok, It is just 13, because the Kosice and the Kiss are good with just tropo, and I can receive the Hey, when the transmitter in Tokaj is off.
 #910  Szerző: taki7
 2008.09.10. 17:35
I am from Banská Bystrica I can receive only 13 Slovak radios (Slovensko - SRo 1 90,1 MHz, Regina BB - SRo 2 101.5 MHz, Devín - SRo 3 102.0 MHz, Radio FM - SRo 4 105.4 MHz, Expres 96.5 MHz, Viva 106.6 MHz, FUN 104.0 MHz, Jemné Melódie 87.7 MHz, Okey 106.0 MHz, One 90.5 MHz, Lumen 102.9 MHz, Hey! 97.6 MHz and RTI 94.2 MHz). 16 near Miskolc that's incredibly I think. Because there is also frequency interference. Hungary has also many radio frequencies. I can't listen Hungarian radios here are many mountains. Before I could listen Danubius from 104.7 MHz rather good quality but not now. :? It is very poor quality also Bartók on 90.7 MHz. Sláger I can't because on 95.4 I have FUN (worse quality). Before I could listen also Sláger from Kékes (95.5 MHz) but quality was relative poor. But above village Badín near Banská Bystrica is rather good quality for Hungarian radios on autoradio and small radio (Bartók, Sláger, Danubius) from Kékes and also Juventus on 89.5 MHz but signal quality is not so good. I can't receive here Polish, Czech, Austrian and Ukrainian radios. :? Here is very problematic terrain. :? One interest I can receive TV2 on k22 from Kab-hegy but it is in very poor quality. In air line it is more than 220 km. :P Sorry for my English.
 #895  Szerző: centerweb
 2008.09.10. 16:32
Welcome! :mrgreen:
Hmm. I don't live in Budapest, but in here, North-East part of Hungary, I can receive more than 16 slovakian channel ( Devin, Expres, FM, Fun, Hey, Jemne, Kiss, Kosice, Lumen, Okey, Patria, Regina KE, Regina BB, RTI, Slovenski, Viva) from 33 ;) Youre big, and strong transmitters from the 1500m high mountains, are lap Hungary too :P (Probably you understand what I am saying, and sorry for my english. )
 #892  Szerző: Sz.
 2008.09.10. 16:22
I can receive in the downtown with a simple aerial wire the following channels, in order of the reception strenght (mostly Banská Bystrica):
-Hey 97.6 (strongest)
-Regina 101.5
-SRO1 90.1
-Jemné Melodie 87.7
-Radio_FM 104.3 (in good quality only temporarily)

In case of tropospheric intensity, I can receive them very strongly. With a simple wire!
With a better aerial, like yagi, I surmise more channels would be receivable.

My favourite is Radio_FM, it plays very good music.
And you? Where do you live? What channels can you receive there? What about hungarian radios?

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