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GEOMAGNETIC ACTIVITY: A sharp gust of solar wind hit Earth's magnetic field at the end of the UT day on Oct. 21st, sparking a mild geomagnetic storm and Northern Lights around the Arctic Circle. Images: from Steve Milner of Fort St. John, BC, Canada; from Whitham D. Reeve of Anchorage, Alaska;
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in the day 17 sporadic e opened is a good explain fenomen .
Solar protonos up to 3p/cm³ is good from thios period and this 3 protons during 1 day !
in this day
appear a level to incrasing localy atmosferic protons to 7-8p/cm³
this up peak is good from openings in 28mhz or 50mhz band ! Thsi protons us good - poor from tropo , and small up to meteo scatters period !
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DEEP QUIET: Today, the sun is entering its 13th consecutive day without sunspots. Just a few years ago, such a stretch of blank suns would have been unthinkable. Now it's routine. So far this year, the sun has been spotless 79% of the time, topping the 73% mark recorded in 2008. Long after many forecasters thought solar minimum would be finished, the quiet is not only continuing, but actually deepening. Are sunspots gone for good?
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and resulting :
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The twin STEREO spacecraft (called "Behind" and "Ahead" denoting their relative positions in space), now almost 120 degrees apart, captured this large and dramatic prominence eruption over about a 30-hour period between Sept. 26-27, 2009. Prominences, called filaments when they are viewed against the surface of the Sun, are clouds of cooler gas suspended above the Sun's surface by magnetic forces. This erupting prominence was large enough that both spacecraft were able to observe it for hours on end, one of the first times that has occurred. From the Behind perspective (on left) the long filament, darker than the Sun's surface, can be seen rising up and then breaking away, spreading out above most of the Sun's surface. As seen from the Ahead spacecraft (right), the filament is seen in profile and is therefore called a prominence. The very large cloud lifts up, breaks away, and heads out into space. This is one of the most spectacular eruptive prominences either SOHO or STEREO have observed.

We should note that scientists were interested to observe that the side (Ahead) view confirms that the prominence heads from high solar latitudes to near the solar equator, which is what we expect from the usual shape of the extended solar magnetic field at solar minimum. However, it has taken years longer than usual for the field to relax in this cycle
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solar cycle 24 is opened .
first simtomes is coronal hole lenght and new small holes.
protonic numers . is in increasing to 10 parts protons per cm³ ..

coronal ejection .. yes produced in this year ... annel_page
ionizations open and band cb is first to response !
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