• Rally Rádió Balatonfüredrol (Rally Rádió from Balatonfüred)

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I received it yesterday during the day in Révfülöp. Between dance music I heard a male reporter with strange and loud background sound noises speaking via telephone to the studio. But in the evening the signal was very strong here and in stereo, but had no RDS. Until 21.30 CET nonstop music and station ID were played, but between 21:30 CET till approx. 22:30 CET a male speaker spoke with a woman in the studio. Later on also continued with dance music. I didn' t realised, that this was the final transmission.
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That was a (legal) temporary radio station from thursday to saturday from a pitch in the hills over Balatonfüred.

Where are you at Lake Balaton? In Boglár, I only received a weak signal, with noisy mono...

It hadn't got RDS, but the sound quality was good, thanks to good old Orban 2200 sound processor.
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The Hungarian championship, 16. BFGoodrich Veszprém Rally, took place on 3-4 July 2009. On 4 July4 in the late evening also ended Rally Rádió.

Throught the day and in the evening I heard on 98.3 MHz between dance music, annoucements like "Ez a Rally Rádió ...". From 21:30 CET a male speaker spoke, announced different names of his team in the radio studio ("stáb studioban") and he also said that he is in the Balatonfüred studio.

Signal is very good here at Balaton, but has no RDS. From which transmitter came the signal? Kab-hegy? Köszönöm!

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