• Turkish transmitters

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Ankara in old time tested 2 zone for tramitters . Zone 1 remain zone Asagi diken , and zone 2 in city .
The best remembers in 1972 remain a E3 transmitter .
In this moment in ankara in terrestial exist transmitters low power testing S-channels.
In 1981 in 72.7Mhz signal TRT move to west band in 88.2Mhz . At 1990 signal remove 88.2 and open in caldag diken zone 88.0Mhz . Tody this transmitter is functionally .
In the best remember radio samanyolu remain a best turk program with night porgram , promotion 1997-2001.

Pictures :
when not wiev .. click image !


In this moment a turk citizen sent image with ankara transmitters tower for the city .. is important zone :
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This zone Zonguldak is a interesant zone but have varied elevation .
In the speech comunication 1960's time , other transmitters need adjusting to power level .
First test appear in konzlan zone , TRT1 tramsit in 68.2Mhz . Tv transmitters test in ch E4 at Kozlan zone and Reception is poor in Zonguldak city . In date 18 december of the year 1982 konzlan transmitter have at 15km a new brother .. trnamsitter Asardogrugu . In 1983 firt test appear in this tower in 70.3mhz for trt muzical . In january appear first transmitters for this tower CH26 Trt transmitters . At 19.02.1994 E4 swich off and appear E23 Trt tv .
in the best time , Asardogrugu is zone without picture , and Repeaters for this zone appear in 2 explains of the 2 citizens of zonguldak zone .
A kozlan /kozlu zone is pictured :

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Turkey state have a vaious raido blackouts but have apropiate (100khz and 200khz transmitters ) . Radio in turkey is a important for discutions. Towers in turkey states sure .
My firne Albaj istambul pasapan aone add multipelinformations pictures about site towers for turkey cityes .

For forst information speech about istambul .
This zone have a subelevations 2 zone . In comunication seech about problems when transmitters is positioned in other parts of the city .
In deomosntrations zone to add a best reception for all zone istambul's city speeck about camlica hill . A best high zone and visible zone to all zone istambul .

look at the pictures :